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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that Facebook sucks for marketing?

It does. If you create the same boring, invisible posts or waste bags of money on right-hand newsfeed ads that everybody ignores. Creating eye-catching Facebook Page Tabs that people can interact with without leaving the Facebook website is the holy grail and how some marketers are crushing it, when others fail miserably.

Does this work for any type of product or service being sold?

Absolutely. Capture local or global leads. Sell anything that’s legal. It’s all gravy.

What makes this different to other Facebook marketing tools?

TabFu is one of the only tools available that allows you to quickly create professional grade, high-converting and fully customisable Facebook Tab pages used for featuring your products, capturing leads with 1 + 2 step optins, gating offers, promoting webinar optins, ebook bribes, video bribes, featuring your mobile apps, displaying your contact information, demo videos for your products,  launch + special offer countdown timers… and a LOT more! Plus, with TabFu you can use our new-age “Motion Post” technology to force your audience to engage with your tab pages with dynamic animated posts blasted into their newsfeed! Simply select from our built-in template library and you’re on your way to professional grade promotional tab pages in just minutes!

Why can’t I do this myself?

You can, but it will require design and coding skills, time, energy and maybe a few helping hands on a freelance website. TabFu is way more affordable and easier.

Is it technical?

Nope. Just drag and drop, point and click. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Is this legal and does Facebook allow it?

Absolutely. We’ve been approved by Facebook and it’s 100% legal and effective.

Is my account and privacy safe, is there any auto posting?

Yes, your account is perfectly safe. Your data is protected and there is never any auto posting without your explicit permission, using the scheduler tool.

Does this work on a Mac and PC?

Yes, absolutely, TabFu is an online web application that runs inside a web browser. So if your computer, smartphone, or tablet has a web browser then you can access TabFu from that device.

Does this work on Mobile?

Yes, all our templates are fully mobile responsive and will display for mobile users from directly within the dedicated Facebook App – Allowing you to tap into the ever growing mobile market!